How I plan on becoming an Android developer by 2018

A highway sign that reads Career Change Just Ahead.This blog post is to help anyone thinking of leaving their non-technical career for a career in IT. This article is especially for anyone thinking about taking a coding boot-camp and wanting to change the world. Even superhero coders need a day while they develop that world changing app.

Why should you believe me and what makes me an authority on IT careers?

Well for starters, I went from unemployed help desk analyst to IT resume writer using the 3 steps that I’m about tell you. I’m about to use the same 3 step method to go from desktop support analyst to android developer by the beginning of 2018.

Here’s my 3 step plan:

  1. Decide your specific end goal
  2. Research the requirements to reach your goal
  3. Write down a monthly targeted goal plan

How I used this plan to move from unemployed help desk analyst to IT recruiter?

Step 01: Decide Your Specific End Goal

In 2001, I was working on the help desk and I was making pretty good money. However, 6 months beforehand, the help desk team was told that we were being outsourced. Over the next several months, we were asked to train our replacements, but soon we realized that we were being replaced by a bunch of less qualified people (that’s keeping it politically correct).

During this time, I became fed up with IT and started thinking of ways to leave IT forever. It dawned on me that I had a knack for knowing the requirements for just about any IT position and I could use that knowledge to become a resume writer.

It was set, I was going to become a very well paid IT resume writer. I set my end goal to land a job as an IT resume writer by the end of 2002.

“Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide. ”

Napoleon Bonaparte

Step 02: Research The Requirements To Reach Your Goal

I’ve only hired resume writers to write my IT resumes, I didn’t know anything about becoming a professional resume writer.

However, I dug deep into the field of resume writing.  I read books about resume writing even went to a resume writing conference. I even cold called resume writing companies and interviewed resume writers about what they do and how they got started.

Within a few months, I learned every detail about what a resume writer does on a day to day basis, their skill set, educational background. With all of this research, I was able to think like a resume writer.

Interviewing someone about their job is one of the best ways to learn about a specific industry or job.

Step 03: Write Down A Monthly Targeted Goal Plan

After I did several months of research, I put together a monthly plan on how I was to become a resume writer. For example,

  • Month 01 – Read books on human resources and resume writing
  • Month 02 – Read books on recruiting
  • Month 03 – Attend resume writing  conference and join resume writing organization
  • Month 06 – Get clients to hire you to write their IT resume

Within about 8 months of implementing this plan, I was able to land a part-time job as an resume writer through someone I meet through resume writing organization. Within one month of landing the part-time job, I was offered a full-time resume writing position.

Tips on how a non-techie can land a tech job

  • Determine what specific job tech job you want
    • Don’t say I want to be a programmer
    • Instead say I want to become an Android Developer developer
  • Do a search on job boards to see what skills you need to land a specific job
  • Interview people in similar job roles
  • Read books on the subject
  • Attend meet-ups even if you have no experience in that field
    • You will reach people who can help you on your career path
  • Start working on that real world project to you can show potential employers

How I plan on using this method to land to go from desktop support analyst to Android Developer?

  1. Decide your specific end goal
    • Land a new position as Android Developer by the end of 2018
    • Let your managers know that you want to make a transition to another field
  2. Research the requirements to reach your goal
    • Learn Java and Kotlinpt
    • Interview working Android Developers
    • Attend Meet-Ups for Android Developers
  3. Write down a monthly targeted goal plan
    1. Relearn Java by March 2018
    2. Finish Udacity Android Basics Nanodegree by May 2018
    3. Finish Android Developer Nanodegree by November 2018

I know if I stick to the plan, I will land an Android Developer position before the beginning of 2018.

I just need to stick to the plan and more importantly do the work.

I hope this helps anyone wondering how to move from non-techie to tech guru.

Ivan Hurt

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